• US Patent Lawyer

    Daniel Hanson

    Dan Hanson is a patent lawyer licensed to practice in the USA. He focusses primarily on the practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office. He has worked on patents involving a variety of technologies: medical, wireless, automotive, software, electrical, games, acoustic, camera, mechanical, to name a few. Although Dan does not litigate patent cases, he has litigation experience; one of his goals is to draft patents in a manner to make it less likely that it would be challenged or invalidated by future litigation. 

    Dan has lived in Canada for more than ten years. He previously worked in-house for Wi-LAN, Inc. and BlackBerry Limited in Canada. Prior to that, he worked for two intellectual property law firms in Minnesota. He has also worked as a trial and appellate lawyer for a law firm in Iowa, counsel to an administrative agency in Iowa, and a law clerk for the Iowa Fifth Judicial District.