• Copyright

    Copyright is the protection of the works of authors, artists, photographers, programmers and other creative individuals and companies which gives them the exclusive right to ‘publish’ and copy their works and to determine who may publish and copy them. Copyright exists in literary, dramatic, musical and artistic words and such other works as provided in the Copyright Act, including software and new media. In Canada, copyright subsists in the work as soon as it is created; it does not have to be registered, although registration can offer some advantages.

    We provide advice and services relating to the registration, protection and enforcement of copyright. We prepare agreements that protect your rights to the software you or your company have developed, the webpage you have created or any other ‘work’ you have produced. These include licensing agreements, website design/hosting contracts, electronic publishing agreements and the like. If you believe someone has copied (or substantially copied) your work, give us a call to find out what you can do about it.

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